Sommerhaus Ammersee

Sommerhaus Ammersee is a community catalyst for transformative ideas, dialogues and collaborations that I co-hosted together with Felix Beer.

Our life’s foundations are radically shifting. Transformation has become a daily reality and at the same time a common aspiration. Whilst for some the term is a buzzword for change, for us transformation describes a process with a different, deeper quality. It is about a fundamental process, in which existing conditions are questioned, adapted and changed, enabling the emergence of new realities. Hence, the process of transformation always involves the evolution of personal and collective wolrdviews and patterns. This means that transformation processes touch upon something very elementary. Because they change – at least in part – the essence of an individual, organisation or even society at its very core. Consequently, transformation has the potential to initiate, catalyse but also limit positive change. For this reason, deep systemic change involves a step into the unknown, a leap of faith. We now have the chance to co-create a new world. For this to happen, we must learn to question, reflect and rethink established beliefs and patterns. In short: we need to cultivate our personal and collective transformability. This requires spaces that enable individual and collective reflections, dialogues and experiments. And a culture of collaboration that strengthens creativity, courage and responsibility.
Sommerhaus Ammersee (SOAM) would like to co-create and hold such a space to explore fundamental questions of transformation through various formats.