New Economies Seminar

My role as the instructor of this 2-day seminar for the fellows of the “Evangelische Studienwerk Villigst” was to introduce concepts, theories, and examples of new economies as they are emerging in academia and everday economic practice. Following an overview of how contemporary economies are designed, we formulated crititiques of important concepts like economic growth, trickle-down-economics, or the Kuznets Kurve of environmental pollution. In a second step we would explore sustainable, regenerative and distributive economics design principles, and how they are discussed in the relevant literature. Lastly, I facilitated a cocreative and hands-on business design workshop in which we explored how enterprise design, including aspects of governance, ownership, purpose, networks and finance, can incite profound structural and economic changes towards the 21st century economy both people and planet need.

Instructor & Host

Léon Gross & AG Nachhaltigkeit