Doughnut Design for Business

I facilitate an action-oriented workshop that is practical and ambitious, aimed at catalysing innovations in the deep design of business. The tool sets out how businesses can engage with Doughnut Economics. There is a core version (for a ~5 hour workshop), and there is also a shorter taster version available (for a ~2 hour workshop). By focusing on the deep design of business, the workshop invites companies to engage in a transformative agenda of becoming regenerative and distributive in their strategies, operations, and impacts, so that they help to bring humanity into the Doughnut. Central to the tool is the concept of enterprise design. This is explored through five design layers: a company’s Purpose, Networks, Governance, Ownership, and Finance. I also officially translated the Doughnut Design for Business Tool, which was developed by the Uk-based Doughnut Economics Action Lab, into German to make it accessible for businesses and workshop facilitators in the D-A-CH region.




Léon Gross