Post-Graduate Seminar

How can we meet the needs of all people within the means of the planet? The concept of Doughnut Economics offers a radical idea: abandon GDP growth, think in systems, distribute wealth, and regenerate the Earth. The seminar provides a guided tour through the theory and practice of Doughnut Economics as a new economic paradigm at the intersection of sustainable development, human rights, and planetary boundary science.

The goal of the two-day seminar is to equip the participants with the necessary tools to (1) understand the concept of Doughnut Economics, how it emerged, and why it is relevant; (2) confidently navigate the broader discourse of New Economic Thinking, including similarities and differences of its different schools of thought; (3) apply the principles and tools of Doughnut Economics in the field of urban change and business innovation, and (4) to enjoy learning from and with each other as a community of practice.

Accordingly, the seminar includes (1) an introduction to the concept of Doughnut Economics; (2) how it relates to other frameworks of socio-ecological transformation, such as De-Growth, the Care Economy, or the Circular Economy; (3) two practical deep dives in which we will apply the concept of Doughnut Economics to the city and business level; as well as (4) a reflection of how Doughnut Economics relates to your individual research projects and professional ambitions as future sustainability professionals.