I research, design, and weave new economies that make people and planet thrive.


Economic systems that make people flourish whilst regenerating the planet are possible within our lifetime.


The 20th-century economy was based on dynamics of social inequality, ecological exploitation and constant expansion, leading humanity into the danger zone of planetary and social instability.


The 21st-century economy requires a new operating system: a new “common” sense of organizing economic relations based on principles of social care, ecological justice, and deliberative democracy.


I enable businesses, cities, and organisations to navigate and cocreate solutions to complex sustainability and transformation challenges.

The Worlds I weave together

Sustainability Transitions Research

Environmental Governance

 Heterodox Economics

Urban and Rural Design

Civic Technologies

Innovation Management

my services


Quantitative & Qualitative Research, Essays, Commentaries, Scientific Publishing, Reviews, Editing, Collaborations, Field Building


Workshops, Keynotes, Moderation, Facilitation, Hosting, Conferences, Harvesting, Jurorship, Lobbying, Videos & Multimedia


Consutling, Business Models, Prototypes, Urban Experiments, Governance Models, Roadmapping, Community Organizing

How i do it

An expression of
my values

I ground my work in principles of care, craft, and creativity, always connecting cognitive and bodily experiences and realities. I bring together the fields of sustainability, rural-urban development, and digital technology. My thinking is inspired by emancipatory philosophies, communities, and practices. I always strive to create environments of mutual support and peer-to-peer inspiration.

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Léon is a cross- and unconventional thinker in the best sense, always creating a mindful, loving, and nurturing atmosphere.

Gero Stocksmeier Project Manager

Léon's work on deep urban experimentation is the best and most mature master's thesis I have ever read.

Dodo zu Knyphausen Aufseß Professor of Strategic Management

Léon's interest in socio-ecological economics is a parcel of a larger goal that integrates theory and a strong commitment to social engagement.

Sabine Sané Earth Systems Scientist

I experienced Léon to be very attentive and enthusiastic to learn new things, with an ability to produce impressive results in a wide variety of areas.

Michael Pregernig Professor of Environmental Governance

Léon is a proactive solution seeker and one of the most professional, agreeable, and friendly communicators I have ever met.

Katalin Solymosi Federal Policy Officer


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